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SEO services in Chennai is one of the leading services offered by most of the Digital agencies. As part of Kago Groups, it is simply called one solution fits all method that helps in increasing traffic to website and eventually growing your business to next level. Sensing it’s significance, the team of SEO experts will work on design and implement bespoke method for Search Engine Optimization.

We focus on optimising your website solely for Google search engines and others to get the perfect balance of best experience on your website and also ensuring that visibility on the site that is increased on search engine results pages.

Elevating your search engine rank to the top 3 spots on the Google search engine’s first page will provide big ROIs to SEO.

We strive to get better ranking for your website on the long run.

We provide SEO services in Chennai for many of the leading companies and is also called an all-round service that serves customers across the world and are fully complaint to Google Search Engine’s algorithm (WhiteHat SEO)

On-Page SEO

We work on optimizing all the web pages for the search engines, synchronizing your webpages with search engine algorithms and we deduct ways to boost its ranking and visibility. On-page SEO refers to structuring and restructuring the web content and context.

Examining the site in terms of W3 capability, user friendliness, site map navigation structure, using effective keywords at the right pages, using alt tags for images used, etc.,

Off-Page SEO

Off-page optimization is focusing on main sources of external links from related sites, forums, web log comments, to drive traffic to your website and increasing its visibility. It also referred as Guest posting on other sites leaving a link of our website establishing brand awareness and also improving its natural search.

Delivering high quality content with the help of professional bloggers who can write relevant, appealing and original content. It is one of the cost-effective methods that can boost website ranking to a greater effect.

Local SEO

Our method for Local SEO dominates the Google SERPS and its eventually generates more local business to local customers. You organic visibility is boosted through local ranking factors used by Kago Groups.

To get a big leap on your brand’s credibility level, promote your services to local customers.

Also, by using the free local business directories, you can add business name, address, industry, speciality, etc., to promote your business locally.

SEO Audit

At Kago Groups, a comprehensive SEO audit will be done within certain hours and the recommendation/suggestion will be given as per your site’s requirements.

Once the suggestions are implemented, we undergo a deep-rooted analysis in finding the right set of keywords that will drive traffic to your website and that will sustain for a prolonged time.


  1. WordPress SEO is one of the best content management systems which we will be making it even more better and optimized through our strategy.
  2. Want consistent traffic which is also of high-quality for your E-commerce site? Contact our SEO experts now to make it happen.
  3. Youtube SEO is being the second largest search engine in the world, start leveraging the power of the video with the help of our experts.
  4. All your on-site issues that are stopping the Google SE from crawling and caching your website will be tackled and solved by our SEO experts.
  5. If your business is operated globally and worried how it will rank internationally? We’ll are here to optimize your site and so it can be identified from any part of the world.
  6. As the mobile usage for checking out websites have increased, it’s time for the business to increase the mobile site’s organic traffic and enhance the mobile UX
  7. Worried about number of app downloads, App’s brand awareness amongst its TG, app reviews and visibility? Worry not, our SEO experts covers all.

SEO Strategy

Our SEO experts will work on strategy tailored to all your brands needs and will implement the bespoke SEO strategy.

SEO Analytics

The Vital component to drives results for all the SEO work is to analyze what works and what not and that will be done under our SEO services.

Why Does Your Business Needs SEO

  • To Generate High website Traffic
  • Builds trust and Credibility
  • Builds Brand awareness
  • Creates Brand Establishment
  • Offers Good User Experience
  • Increased customer inflow
  • Search engine optimization is a vital part to your website’s success as it is the long run process resulting in boosting your site’s presence and visibility.

Why Kago Groups?

Here at Kago Groups, we essentially provide SEO services for all the businesses that required to stand out amongst the competition.

Being in the industry for a handsome number of years, our SEO experts has a diligent way of approaching SEO activities by providing comprehensive solutions, ensuring deadline-oriented top-quality results and help customers widening their audience.

If you are looking for best SEO services in Chennai, wait no more and contact us to get the quote.

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